One day I will tick ‘launch my own podcast’ off of my goals list. Until then I am very grateful to the Podcast creators that have taken an interest in the things that I do and have invited me to speak on their platform. Here are a few of my favourite interviews.

Global Shapers – Innovation Opportunities on the Gold Coast

Supporting entrepreneurs and fostering innovation on the Gold Coast.

Listen to the episode here.

Awesome Humans – Sharon Hunneybell

A deep dive into Sharon’s life journey, from teenage mum to taking on the role of CEO at the Gold Coast Innovation Hub.

Listen to the episode here

Be The Push – Teaching Entrepreneurship to Children

Startup Apprentice was created to introduce entrepreneurial concepts to children in school to help them think differently.

On this episode we talk about some of the difficulties Sharon saw kids having and how providing them with an entrepreneurial outlet led to some life changing discoveries.

Listen to the episode here

Let’s Talk Leadership – Collaborative Leadership

What does it take to lead a community in the digital age? Sharon shares top tips for online community building and insights into her own personal style of collaborative leadership.

Listen to the episode here