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Day 7 – Castles, Cafes and Chilling out at a Beach Bar all afternoon!

I have this voice in my head that keeps telling me that I need to do ALL THE THINGS!  This is a once in a lifetime trip and I need to make the most of it.  But what I really felt like doing today was NOTHING! No taxis, no trekking to ruins, just hanging out in the sun and wandering back around all those little shops and cafes again – so that’s what I did. I set out at around 9am, walked up to the Castle and checked out the museum which… Read More

Day 6 – Boats, Beach Bars and Sunsets over the Port

I woke at 4.30am to shower and dress for my ferry voyage out to the first Greek island on my journey – Naxos.  The ferry was scheduled to depart Athens at 7am, so I had a bit of time to get ready.  Recalling my ferry experience from my last trip to Thailand (where rickety old barges pull up, you throw your suitcases in the centre of the barge, take a seat and a beer and hold onto the side of the boat for dear life as it flies across the ocean) I… Read More

Day 5 – Monks and Monasteries in the sky 

The tour bus arrived at my hotel at 9am and I was greeted by our guide for the day Dimitrius. The hotel receptionist had recommended this particular tour as it was a local tour guide and an Intimate group size. The dress code for visiting the monasteries is dresses that cover the knees and shoulders – so the blue dress came in handy again! I was the first on board and we proceeded to collect other passengers from various other hotels that I recognised from agonising where to book when… Read More

Day 4 – Trains and the Transformation of a region

Today I had one single goal – getting to Meteora.  I had decided to travel by train to the region as it was quicker than a bus, and hiring a car was not an option as my brain just can’t seem to process driving on the opposite side of the road. I made sure I arrived at the station an hour early so that I had time to work out where I needed to be. I am glad that I did because all of the signage was in Greek and my… Read More

Day 3 – Ancient ruins, orchestras and a pounding headache

If I felt like a 20-year-old when I was dancing up a storm last night (well, early this morning really!) then I REALLY felt like one this morning as I nursed the worst hangover I have had in years.  I alternated moaning on the bed to throwing up everything including water until mid-afternoon when I decided that enough was enough.  I had put off touring the ruins until today – my last full day in the city and I had wasted nearly all of it! I donned my Wonder Woman t-shirt for… Read More

Day 2: Modern Sites, Street Art and Sunsets

Grand plans for a sunrise photo session from the hill of nymphs were dashed when I missed my alarm and got caught up tying up a few final work issues back home.  I had also intended to head up to the Acropolis today but found that the site closed early on a Monday, and due to my now late start, I decided to wait another day and spend some more time exploring other parts of the city.  I bought some fresh fruit from the markets for a late morning tea and… Read More

Day 1: Athens – Craft, Cocktails and Cats

It was late morning when I arrived at the Enattica Suites, a lovely new boutique block of holiday apartments hidden down a cobbled back street just a few minutes stroll from the lively Monastiraki Square. To my delight, directly opposite the hotel were a row of needlecraft stores, lace makers and bead shops – my heaven!  If it weren’t for the aircraft baggage limit on my suitcase and the knowledge that I still had 56 days of lugging said suitcase around, I could have spent all my spending money right there! The… Read More

An Intention for 2022

A still mind, A calm body, A contented soul, Surrounded by love, Abounding with Gratitude. This picture perfectly captures the state that I hope to stay in throughout 2022. It was Christmas Day (always my favourite day of the year). My adult children, Amy and Brandon, who had been caught up in the Melbourne lockdowns for the past 2 years were finally able to travel to Queensland and I had booked us all into the beautiful Clear Mountain Retreat where we could relax and unwind for few days. Earlier in… Read More

Setting Yourself Up For Success

This post will be one of many inspired by books that I have read over the past few years that have led to practices and habits that I have adapted into my own daily, weekly and monthly routines. While I still have a lot of work to do in perfecting my habits, when I look at my mental and physical health since implementing these practices, I am able to see a significant improvement, particularly when bundled together with other tools and concepts that have shifted long held perspectives, beliefs and… Read More

Attributes of Effective Ecosystem Leaders

It’s been 10 years since I first googled the term #startup. I was working as an IT business analyst for a company in Sydney when the software developer I was working with mentioned his cousin had got into Startmate. We were on the final sprint of a software release and were working late into the night. We stopped for a pizza break and he pulled up the pitch videos from the first Startmate cohort. As I watched, I felt this strange stirring inside me. “This is what we need to… Read More