I arrived in Rome in the early afternoon and the first thing I noticed was how big and impressive everything was – even the airport seemed to be grander and more polished than any other I had landed at so far.

I caught a taxi from the airport and marvelled at the incredible buildings and monuments that we passed as we drove closer to the apartment I had booked for the next 3 nights. We drove past the Pantheon and in the next street pulled up at a small wooden door – I was here! The apartment was so cute and within walking distance to everything – from the Trevi Fountain to the Colosseum!

I decided to go and find the Spanish steps as they were very nearby, I walked down lovely narrow shop lined streets with cobbled paving through to the square where there were thousands of people all taking photos and climbing the stairs.

Next I walked to the Trevi fountain, which again was completely surrounded by people, so I decided to buy a great big Gelati and admire the scene from afar, and to get up early in the morning to come back and see these landmarks in more detail.

For dinner, I found a lovely little restaurant on a laneway and ordered an enormous pizza with some local wine and a big tiramisu for dessert.

As I was walking back to the apartment, I walked passed Hadrian’s temple, where an incredible light show was being projected on to the building to share the history of the temple, from creation, through fire, reinvention and to it’s current state.

A Gelati by the Trevi Fountain

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