Right now you are sitting in the deepest depths of shame.  You feel like you have thrown away every privilege that your parents worked so hard to provide for you.  You feel foolish, heartbroken and beaten by the world.  You have dropped out of university, you are a teenage mother, you have your first failed marriage under your belt (yes…first…there will be more!) and you have just moved back to your parent’s house, penniless.  You can barely look at yourself in the mirror you are so disappointed in the person reflected back to you.

But this will change.  One day soon you will look in that mirror and instead of seeing a reflection of every mistake you have made so far, you will see the girl behind those mistakes, a girl that just 2 years earlier had the world at her feet.  It is then that you will realise that you are not broken, you are in fact stronger than you ever believed you were.  With the wisdom of experience from every poor choice you have made and the knowledge that you can hit rock bottom and survive – your life is about to take you to places you never even dreamed you would go.

The above is an excerpt from my contribution to ‘Postcards from Tomorrow’.

In recognition of International Womens Day 2020, I was invited to contribute to an awesome project in which 270+ fabulous women have written letters to our 21 year old selves to create a moving, powerful and inspiring new book. My fellow contributors encompass a wide and varied pool of women, there are Australian and international luminaries from the worlds of comedy, theatre, TV and dance;  there are adventurers and Olympic champions, broadcasters and journalists, activists and philanthropists, politicians, business leaders, innovators and instigators.

All proceeds from book sales go to Lou’s Place, a daytime drop in centre for female victims of domestic violence that has been operating for 21 years. When you purchase a copy of Postcards From Tomorrow, you are sharing your spirit and support with Lou’s and enabling its team to continue their incredibly important work. 

The book is available from Amazon and is a great gift for young women in your life: Postcards from Tomorrow: A Collection of Letters From Inspirational Women to Their 21 Year Old Selves

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