A still mind, A calm body, A contented soul, Surrounded by love, Abounding with Gratitude.

This picture perfectly captures the state that I hope to stay in throughout 2022.

It was Christmas Day (always my favourite day of the year).

My adult children, Amy and Brandon, who had been caught up in the Melbourne lockdowns for the past 2 years were finally able to travel to Queensland and I had booked us all into the beautiful Clear Mountain Retreat where we could relax and unwind for few days.

Earlier in the morning we had opened our presents and enjoyed a huge breakfast on the deck of the hotel, overlooking the treetops, where birds were chirping and dragonflies darted about in the clean mountain air.

We made our way to the pool, which we had to ourselves as the weather was overcast and most of the other guests had departed to attend Christmas lunches.

Amy and Brandon spotted a walkway through to a vinery and decided to do some more exploring, while I dropped my towel and book on a sunlounge and made my way into the pool.

The water was a perfect temperature. I swam a couple of laps and then paused and as the sun broke through the clouds for the first time that day, I lifted my body to the surface of the water so that I could feel the warmth of the sun from my head to my toes.

As I basked in the sunshine, the whole world slow down. My busy mind fell quiet and there I was, in total stillness, absorbing the sensations and sounds of that moment:

The warmth of the sun on my skin.

The softness and strength of the water suspending me.

The gentle breeze stirring the trees and brushing over my face.

The birds twittering to themselves and to each other.

The distant voices and laughter of my children.

I lay there in perfect stillness, eyes closed, just being and feeling. My heart full of love, my soul full of gratitude.

When I opened my eyes, there was Brandon with Amy, camera in hand.

A perfect moment captured on film and a state of mind, body and being that I intend to maintain throughout 2022.

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