I have this voice in my head that keeps telling me that I need to do ALL THE THINGS!  This is a once in a lifetime trip and I need to make the most of it.  But what I really felt like doing today was NOTHING!

No taxis, no trekking to ruins, just hanging out in the sun and wandering back around all those little shops and cafes again – so that’s what I did.

I set out at around 9am, walked up to the Castle and checked out the museum which was full of artefacts from the times before Christ. I wandered through the exhibition and pondered why humans are the only creatures on earth that seem to feel the need to recreate themselves for posterity in the form of monuments, paintings and etchings. 

 Then I found the perfect little rooftop coffee shop with views across the village and ocean, so I sat back in the sunshine, enjoyed the gentle breeze and tucked into the most delicious coffee and omlette.  

Around midday I made my way back to the beach, chose the beach bar with the best menu and a spare sunlounge right at the front of the beach and settled in with my kindle and a book of puzzles for an afternoon of perfect nothingness.  

5 hours, a big platter of fresh fruit, several mocktails and a divine 30 minute leg massage later (which was so needed after hiking a total of almost 70 kms over the past week in Athens and Meteroa) I was as red as a lobster and ready to head back to the apartment and that spa bath again.

I headed out for dinner at around 8.30pm, intending to dine at a teeny little restaurant that I had seen earlier in the day, but it started to get dark and I couldn’t remember which laneway it was on!  Instead I found another restaurant that I had spotted from the window of the museum earlier in the morning – Oniro.  This was a funky looking rooftop restaurant complete with a windmill so I headed up there and had a fantastic meal of Ragu, Raki and Red wine.  

As I dined I struck up a conversation with the gentlemen on the table beside me (one of whom happened to be the network engineer that installed the excellent wifi on the island – yay, someone to talk tech to!) and after we had finished dining, I joined them at a beautiful little garden bar called ‘Honey and Cinnamon’ where we drank wine, listened to music and talked and laughed with the locals until very late!

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