Cinque Terra is a stunning region.  There are 5 main towns that span the coastline of this area of National Park and each of them has it’s own unique, colourful, picturesque little village.  It is possible to hike across the hills and to each of the villages by foot, but when I looked out across the hill and saw the line of people snaking up the trails and into the mountains in the blazing sun, I decided that this wasn’t for me.  Not today. I added ‘walk the 5 villages of Cinque Terra’ to my bucket list for another time and set about having a lazy day.

I decided to walk up to the castle at the top of the village and take a look around.  Then I made my way to the ‘beach’ where I did my best to relax and read on a bed of pebbles for a few hours, cooling off every now and then with a plunge into the sea.

In the evening I decided on another simple meal for dinner.  I bought a cone of fish and chips, went down to some rocks that had a good view and was joined by a lovely big seagull – together we ate and watched the sun go down over the ocean.

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